Apply for a Trade Account




      1. The customer hereby warrants that the information contained herein is true accurate and correct.
      2. The customer hereby warrants that the person providing this information is duly authorised so to do.
      1. For the purpose of this document the word “goods” shall mean all goods and chattels and all charges for work and labour done, hire charges, fees, service charges, repairs, insurance charges of whatever nature associated with the supply, manufacture and construction, repair of the goods supplied to the customer.
      2.  These Terms & Conditions of Trade shall relate to any charge herein before mentioned imposed by the supplier on the customer.
    1. Actual colours may vary from that shown for a number of reasons including variations in dye lots and differences in the resolution and calibration of individual computer or device screens. 
    2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the colour and texture meets their requirements prior to confirmation of order.  No reimbursement or claim for compensation will be allowed for colour, dye lot or texture variations.
    3. Special Note: The responsibility for ensuring the fabric is checked before cutting remains that of the customer even when the goods are delivered on the customer’s instructions to another company or individual for conversion.

      1. Custody of the goods shall pass to the customer at the time the goods are consigned for delivery from the supplier’s store or warehouse or any store or warehouse from which the goods are dispatched to the customer and shall thereafter be at the customer’s risk.
      2. Ownership of the goods will pass to the customers at this time UNLESS payment for the goods in question is rejected or rescinded by the customer’s financial organization.
      1. The  supplier will arrange freight and delivery from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s premises or other place as directed and all goods delivered will be at the customer’s risk from the date and time of dispatch.
      2. The supplier will incur no liability for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond its control or during transit. 
      1. Customers carry their own transit insurance risk unless they specifically instruct the supplier to arrange and charge for insurance on their behalf.

      1. The supplier’s fabrics are sold as cut lengths or rolls. The supplier defines a cut length of fabric as up to one roll. Full rolls are of unspecified length. Not all suppliers’ fabrics are available in cut lengths. 
      2. Prices are subject to alteration without notice and goods will be supplied at the prices prevailing at the date of delivery.
      3. The supplier will confirm pricing to the customer at time of ordering.
      4. It shall be the customer’s sole responsibility to determine the retail selling price of goods purchased by the customer from the supplier.

    1. All goods must be carefully checked upon receipt by the customer. The customer should check the goods are as ordered in name, colour, quantity, size, length, finish and faults.
    2. Any supposed discrepancy must be advised immediately to the supplier and claims will not be accepted unless made in writing within (10) days of receipt or delivery and any such claims shall be limited to the value of the goods supplied.
    1. Goods returned for replacement or reimbursement can only be accepted if the product is not in accordance with the customer’s order, the product has a manufacturing fault, the fabric is uncut (i.e., is the same size as ordered and supplied), and is returned  within (7) days from receipt of goods. 
    2. Goods to be returned will not be accepted without prior approval by the supplier and must be in original condition. 
    3. Any returns to be arranged by the supplier otherwise freight must be prepaid. 
    4. Any goods supplied to order and subsequently returned, or in the case of a customer error, will incur surcharge and the cost of freight both ways will be at the customer’s expense.

    1. Where the supplier undertakes to place the required product on back order, the order is accepted on the condition that the supplier charges the appropriate price prevailing at the time of delivery.

  3. CANCELLATION OF ORDERS: Cancellation of orders will not be accepted:
    1. If any product has been cut, opened and broken down or changed in any way in order to comply with the requirements of the customer’s order;
    2.  if the order has been committed for dispatch.